We are a tiny software and design company based in Calgary, Canada. Our focus is iOS app development and interface design.

What We Do

  • App Development
  • User Interface Design
  • Software Development

We create native apps for the iOS and tvOS. We use Apple’s products ourselves daily and have a deep understanding of what works, both on the surface (the UI) and underneath (the plumbing).

Although our software development focus is iOS apps, we also develop other things. In our current work we’re using C++14 and Python 3 for things like imaging processing, computer vision, machine learning, and server development. (If you’re looking for a JavaScript developer though, please look elsewhere.)

Our Work

Screenshots of Serviz app
Our mobile applications are our point-of-sale and they need to operate whether data connectivity is available or not. Intelligent mobile data sync was key to success. Todd was pivotal in helping us develop the foundation for our mobile application’s sync process. To this day we rely on the achitecture Todd designed and have ported the same approach created for iOS to Android. Garry Galinsky

CTO/VP Engineering


Serviz Logo



UI/UX Design and software development for iPad app.


SERVIZ is an online consumer platform for home services (plumbers, handyman, etc.). It provides apps for both the consumer and the merchant providing the home service. Working along side an in-house team of developers and designers, we contributed to the development of the merchant iPad app and were responsible for the architecture and implementation of a framework for real-time syncing of data between the iPad and a server.

We also worked on the website design and UI mockups for the consumer and merchant mobile apps.

Screenshots of Kidoodle.TV app


Kidoodle.TV Logo

A Parent Media Co. Inc.


UI/UX design and software development iPhone/iPad app and tvOS app.


Kidoodle.TV is easiest described as “Netflix for kids.” Kidoodle.TV provides streaming content for kids and outfits parents with tools to control what content is available to their children and when they can watch it.

We became the principal developer of the Kidoodle.TV app for iOS after the original developer moved on. Over time, almost the entire app was redesigned and reimplemented to improve performance, accommodate new features, and cleanup the underlying architecture. A brand new tvOS app was also created shortly after the launch of the 4th generation Apple TV (the first which allowed third-party apps).

Screenshot of Music Lens app Screenshot of Annotations app


Music Lens Logo


Research and software development for iPhone/iPad app.


Music Lens is an iOS app that uses advanced image recognition and machine learning algorithms to “read” sheet music. With Music Lens you can take a picture of your sheet music and then listen to the score or export it to MusicXML.

Music Lens is our own project that we work on when we’re not on a client project.

Who Are We?

Portrait of Todd

Todd Reed


Todd’s been writing software for over 30 years and since the launch of the App Store in 2008, has focused on iOS development. Before the mobile revolution started, Todd managed a development team at a startup, and prior to that was a C++/Java/Python developer at several startups. In addition to mobile, his experience includes speech applications, natural language processing, image processing, and 3D graphics.

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